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Garage Door Not Closing – Only We Can Help You Fix It!

Is your garage door not closing properly? Have you ever experienced this problem? It is important that you do not allow the entrance to your garage to be damaged therefore allowing access directly to your house or simply to your automobile, or at least to any valuables you may have inside your garage.
If you are experiencing problems while closing your door, we can be your solution. Gold Garage Door Services in Bensenville, IL, is one of the best companies providing top solutions to a garage door not closing. You can call our servicemen to fix any sort of issue occurring while closing your door properly. We have a team of professionals on hand to come to your location once you call us.

Reasons Behind A Garage Door Not Closing?

Are you wondering about the possible reasons behind a door not closing properly? Well, there can be a lot of them. We are going to explain a few of them here so that you can identify the issue behind your garage door not closing properly.

A Sensor Moved Out Of Place:

One of the possibilities is the misalignment of your safety sensor. Only a professional can fix this problem by returning that safety sensor to its correct or normal orientation.

A Broken Door Spring:

All door springs play an important role in making doors easily open and close. Usually, if any of the springs are damaged or broken, this will cause the door to become misaligned and may not close correctly. Fortunately, it is easy to detect when a compression spring has been damaged. Even a non-expert can quickly identify when one of these springs has been damaged with a brief visual inspection. The best approach is to hire a professional to repair these springs.

Broken Or Damaged Door Tracks:

Door tracks are of great importance in keeping your door closing smooth. The slightest damage to your tracks can prevent your door from closing securely and fully. It should be possible to restore working order by merely removing the debris that is blocking the tracks if they are blocked. If that is not possible, it may be necessary to replace the tracks.

Defective Door Cables:

A door always depends on some sort of cable to lower it efficiently. If any of them are worn out, it cannot be possible to close your door properly or fully. So, whenever you witness a broken cable by yourself or through a visual inspection by a professional, it is recommended to fix it as early as possible. Don’t DIY. Always hire a professional expert to fix such problems.

There can be a lot more reasons if your door is unable to close fully. But there could be only one best solution for them. Call the Gold Garage Door Services team. We can help you fix the issues properly. In addition, we are affordable too.

Whom To Call? We Can Provide Premium Quality Services!

Whether you are using a manual or an automatic garage door, we can fix them all. Our company is providing solutions to all your commercial or residential doors not closing. You can call our helpline in Bensenville, IL. You can also send us an email, and we will reach you shortly. Our experts can provide you with all kinds of professional solutions, including garage door installation, garage door maintenance, and even garage door tune up. We are delivering premium quality services at your doorstep.

Limit Adjustment – You Can DIY

The limit adjusters on the side of the motor unit will help in adjusting the garage door if it does not come down all the way. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the downward limit. If your door does not close properly, adjust the screw accordingly.
The same can be done if the entrance door closes and bounces back up. Turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the down limit.
Remember to run the door opener for a full cycle after each adjustment. When you do this frequently, your motor may begin to overheat and may shut down for a few minutes in order to cool down.
Furthermore, if you find it difficult, we can help you out. Our top experts and technicians can be reached as soon as possible by dialing our service number. Our garage door services providers are available 24/7.

Contact Us – We Can Be Your Ultimate Choice!

Gold Garage Door Services is one of the leading installation, repair, and replacement door companies. We are providing mobile services in the city so we can reach you immediately. We can handle all garage door not closing problems. You can rely on our security team. Our staff is also available on the weekends to assist you.

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